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Sugas Restaurant

Sugas Restaurant


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SUGAS restaurant proudly continues its long tradition to serve guests Székely and international cuisine. Built in an elegant Viennese style, the building has five distinct areas for enjoying delicious cuisine. In an elegant atmosphere at your disposal restaurant proper, with 200 places where you can organize various events. Generous space is divided using columns finished in stucco, Venetian manner, which creates a certain intimacy for each area. paintings that decorate the walls of the restaurant are enlarged reproductions of old photographs of the city of St. George.


Summer terrace


On hot summer days you can relax on the terrace SUGAS, with a capacity of 300 seats, terrace lăutarilor.Mobilierul accompaniment is solid wood and partitioning gives a touch of elegance and discretion

Meeting Protocol

From the hall is accessed through two doors stately conference hall (room oval) where we find a large oval table for 24 people, with a crystal chandelier and an old mirror crystal, designed for high-level meetings, protocol, where you can organize presentations of products and services or corporate events in a more restricted space. In this room is held weekly the meetings of club "Rotary".

The Lab Caffee


Whether you have a business meeting, you want to regain your lover, a special place to meet with friends or simply sit on the internet while enjoying a drink, we have it all. Sugas Café offers an intimate and select an oasis of tranquility in the city center where you can relax with a flavored coffee, tea or a fine drink.


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